Pomegranate is a yoga community for women and families focused on increasing core body awareness and living in alignment with your core values.
Our yoga classes, workshops, and sisterhood are designed to support a vibrant and integrated life through all stages of life.


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Testimonals about the Pom Community:

Great teachers! Supportive community! Clean. Lots of offerings. Favorite studio 🙂 Did I mention childcare? & run by women!
I like that it’s a place for pregnant women to be comfortable around one another and take some time for ourselves. I’ve tried other yoga/movement classes in gyms/athletic clubs and you feel a little self-conscious because you’re usually the ONLY pregnant person there and they always have to make special modifications for you (if the instructor even KNOWS any modifications). I felt very relaxed and comfortable at my prenatal yoga class at the Pomegranate Center this morning. 
I arrived right as class was starting with my newborn in tow, and Mariposa not only got my mat/bolster/etc. set up for me, she also put me at ease and didn’t make me feel like I needed to rush to get in the class. Also, I really enjoyed the speed and flexibility of the Mommy and Me yoga class. The instructor made me feel so comfortable (and I am not an experienced yoga person, coupled with the fact that I am a new mom!). The experience was really enjoyable and everyone I encountered who worked at Pomegranate was so kind. Thank you!
The staff and instructors are so welcoming, and the classes are the perfect combination of challenging and relaxing. It’s nice to be surrounded by such a nurturing environment.
Everyone is treated like family. Moms are given the utmost respect and always celebrated. Safe community for moms and babes. All instructors are incredibly knowledgeable about pre and post partum moms, bodies, etc.