Radical support for pregnancy and parenting located in the heart of downtown San Anselmo. Pomegranate is a hub for moms and families seeking fitness with childcare, mom’s groups, parenting workshops, and community support.

Prenatal yoga during convenient times with childcare, Mom & Baby yoga, women’s yoga, massage therapy, childbirth classes, parenting classes, and new moms groups all in one convenient location. Since opening in 2012, Pomegranate has welcomed thousands of new and expecting mamas into its unique space.

Please arrive at least 10 minutes early to your first class, if you are using our childcare services, or to check-in to any workshop.

Pom Practitioners

shannon kozubikShannon Kozubik, Owner
Shannon’s passion for supporting women grew out of her background in chaplaincy work and her own birth experiences, in which she was moved by the tremendous power of birth. After moving from her downtown Minneapolis condo to Marin County in 2009, she began dreaming of a place that would nurture women and their families through pregnancy and early parenting. In September 2012, Pomegranate was born! Shannon lives on a ranch in rural Marin with her husband and 3 children where she enjoys the spectacular backdrop of nature and solitude.
Mariposa Lewicki, Manager
Mariposa began practicing at Pomegranate when it opened in September 2012. Newly pregnant with her first child, Mariposa found special connection and support in Pomegranate’s offerings and focus. After the birth of her son, Dodge, she deepened that connection, regularly attending Mom & Baby Yoga and weekly moms group sessions, drawing on the wisdom and friendship within the Pomegranate community.A West Marin and Ross Valley native, Mariposa loves spending time outdoors and exploring local destinations as well as fueling her passion for travel. Her career background is in Retail Management and Visual Merchandising. She has worked at Pomegranate since April 2014 and continues to be inspired by the inner strength and wisdom of our bodies; and by the journey of pregnancy, birth and motherhood.
mollee franklinMollee Franklin, CD, CLE
Mollee has been a birth doula since 2004 when she attended doula training at The Santa Rosa Birth Center with Debbie Merrit, CD. Mollee is passionate about educating and helping women and families in the San Francisco Bay Area on their journeys during pregnancy, labor and beyond.
Lisa Flato
Lisa Flato’s Prenatal and Mom & Baby Yoga classes are an intuitive and nurturing space for mamas to explore their own practice. She encourages her students to trust in their wisdom, listen to their hearts, and to take their practice one asana at a time – just like life! A sincere advocate for importance of educating women during this transformational time, Lisa believes there is no one way for a mother to birth her baby but in her own way. She is deeply committed to supporting mothers so they may feel safe to surrender to the experience and energy of pregnancy and childbirth. After studying Theatre Arts at San Francisco State University, Lisa studied at San Francisco’s Integral Yoga Institute, as well with other area studios, and committed to a daily practice. In 1999 she moved to New York, receiving her RYT certification in 2004 with further certification in prenatal yoga. In addition to teaching, she works as a Birth Doula and provides Placenta Encapsulation services. When Lisa isn’t teaching yoga, providing birth support as a Doula, or raising her kids, she loves to walk, laugh, explore, and sleep.
Alicia Willoughby, MSPT 
Alicia teaches Ab Rehab, Your Pregnant Mommy Body, and meets private clients at Pomegranate. She is a Marin County native who graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a Bachelors in Science in Biopsychology and a minor in Exercise Health and received a Masters from UC San Francisco in Physical Therapy. I live in Marin with my husband and two children. I am a former long distance runner and now love the spin bike and taking off on any of Marin’s amazing trails. My passion of working with mothers comes not only from my personal experiences but also from working with so many women who have come to me over the years with various orthopedic discomforts and injuries which very likely could have been prevented if they had received postpartum rehabilitation early in their motherhood journey. I want to improve postpartum care – one mommy at a time! aliciapt.com.
jessica o'connellJessica Castelli O’Connell
In the early 2000s Jessica was a stressed out east coast transplant living in San Francisco. She discovered yoga and it immediately and profoundly changed her life for the better. Now a California girl through and through, Jessica has been a devoted Yoga teacher and student for over ten years. She strives to help students become more grounded and discover compassion for themselves and others. Her challenging and joyful Vinyasa classes reflect her spiritual journey towards health and harmony and feature unique sequencing, upbeat music, hands on assists and skillful alignment instruction. Maintaining an active and supportive practice during her own two pregnancies and postnatal periods was key to Jessica’s physical and mental wellbeing. She has a strong passion for supporting women through birth and motherhood. She is thankful for her many teachers including Clayton Horton, Rusty Wells, Jane Austin and most recently Lesley Desaulniers. She is beyond grateful to her children Wyatt and Farrah for always reminding her to stay present and notice the beauty and wonder in every day.    

katie louderbackKatie Louderback
Katie Louderback’s Prentatal Yoga classes provide a safe and welcoming space for women to feel nourished and strong as they prepare for birth and motherhood. Understanding how the experience of pregnancy can ebb and flow with emotional and physical intensity, Katie offers her students a place in her class no matter how they might be feeling on any given day.Katie has taught prenatal yoga for over 10 years and has served families for several years as a birth and postpartum doula. Having her own children has strengthened her commitment to teaching prenatal yoga. Her two girls, ages 6 and 2 years, were both born at home.She is also passionate about nutrition, the work of Dr. Price, and how traditional cultures helped women prepare nutritionally for pregnancy. She holds a Nutrition Consultant degree from Bauman College, and teaches workshops on nourishment through nutrition during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and when introducing solids to babies.When not teaching or giving workshops, Katie loves cooking to feed her family and pursuing her interest in all things that help create more clarity, vibrant health, and love. For more about Katie, visit her website at katielouderback.com.
tanya powellTanya Powell, BA, CLE, IBCLC
Tanya Powell is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant who facilitates a weekly Breastfeeding Support Group at Pomegranate. She has worked with hundreds of expecting families, parents and babies to provide prenatal breastfeeding education and postpartum counseling that empowers families with evidence-based, practical information and support. She is the proud mother of three girls, including twins, all of whom inspired her to pursue a career in helping families achieve their breastfeeding goals.
elizabeth shelhartElizabeth Shelhart
Elizabeth is a yoga teacher, massage therapist, herbalist, and doula who facilitates Pomegranate’s popular Prenatal Partners workshop. Her educational and experiential background allow her to effectively guide expecting couples through a class that focuses on coping techniques for labor. 
She has practiced yoga and meditation for over 20 years and has been a teacher for over 13 years. In her free time, Elizabeth enjoys organic gardening, raising chickens, hiking, and dancing. Learn more about Elizabeth at www.eshelhart.com.
veronica geretz
Veronica Geretz
Veronica Geretz seeks to encourage more harmony within her students and the world through her path of yoga, and is committed to promoting peace through her work as a yoga teacher. Her classes at Pomegranate include Prenatal/Postnatal and our Family Yoga Series. Veronica believes deeply that bringing calm, body awareness, and alignment with one’s own truth to expectant mothers may very well be the earliest way to light the fire of peace within the being that is growing within them. Her classes offer fluid sequencing with a calm intensity and gentle reminders to stay deeply connected to one’s own unique rhythm.In the summer of 2010, Veronica taught yoga to former child combatants in Sierra Leone, West Africa, and helped found Yoga Strength Sierra Leone. Her training includes Corepower Yoga Teacher Training and Nature’s Whisper Hot Mama Yoga Prenatal Teacher Training. Veronica holds a B.A. in Philosophy and Psychology, and an M.A. in Peace and Justice Studies. She is also certified in Conflict Resolution and Mediation, Teaching Yoga to At-risk Youth, and trained in Non-violent communication.Beyond teaching yoga, working behind the scenes at Pomegranate, and spending time with her son, Veronica also finds joy in soaking up the last rays of sunlight on a patch of grass, rolling around in the sand next to the Pacific Ocean, exploring new cultures and novel people, biking…everywhere, and dancing with no inhibitions to live music.
Amber Charne
Amber teaches Family Yoga, prenatal yoga and women’s yoga with Pomegranate. 
loren_a_pomLoren Altura
After more than 500 hours and many years training in San Francisco’s renowned yoga center, Yoga Tree, as well as workshopping and going on retreats with some of the best yoga teachers she could find, Loren accepted an invitation to share her interpretation of the concept of yoga with others through teaching. Loren is known for her vigorous and challenging classes; skilled hands-on adjustments and unwavering attention to alignment of muscles and bones. Loren creates an inviting space which also fosters internal alignment that is always imbued with intention and which promotes external transformation. Loren’s style is refreshing for newcomers as well as more experienced yoga devotees. Loren maintains a strong personal asana practice as well as meditation practice, loves singing kirtan and is devoted to yoga in its many forms and offerings. Inspiration also comes in countless forms, including being continuously inspired by her children (her best teachers), the great outdoors, animals, the great sphere of music, everyday individuals with lots of passion and the ocean.
elizabeth shelhart
Sarah Middelton
In 2007, Sarah became a mother herself and experienced firsthand the confusion and anxiety that can come with trying to understand the sleep needs of a newborn, infant or toddler. She discovered how complex and essential the simple act of sleeping is for both the child and the parents. She turned to a sleep consultant, who helped her develop a plan to implement gentle sleep methods to help her daughter sleep. She has since trained in the Millette Method whose approach is multifaceted and holistic taking into account the entire family system, the child’s developmental stage and the needs of the parents. Sarah currently offers a reassuring and gentle approach to infant and child sleep that is both flexible yet consistent, research based, and most importantly nurturing and connected.

Amy Baxt
Amy facilitates Pom Moms New Moms Group, Pom Moms Circle for Active Babies, and Monday Night Mom’s Groups. She left her high profile career in journalism to become a family counselor. She is passionate about helping parents and children with simple strategies to connect with each other, themselves, and our community. A mother of three, Amy is often humbled by the humor of her household and motivated by the mamas and papas who share in this wild ride of parenthood.
Marie Mercier
Marie-Helene creates a safe, open, nurturing space for women to explore the infinite strength, courage and inner peace that each one holds. She guides and support her students by teaching the art of surrendering through each breath, allowing to connect deeper within their own essence; in turn, transitioning into their next pose and their next journey. She knows the importance of encouraging her students to listen to their own bodies and dive into their practice at their own pace. Her classes are sequenced mindfully respecting each students needs, flowing, grounding and balancing poses, ending with meditation and light massages.She has been working closely with prenatal/postnatal families for 20 years. Her work in the obstetrical and cord blood banking fields have given her fundamental knowledge into the adventures of motherhood! In 2009, Marie, French Canadian native, moved to the heart of San Francisco where her passion for teaching yoga to mamas grew as she walked into her first prenatal class and felt the strong need to pursue her dreams of supporting women and their families. The experience of living abroad and raising two young children has taught her the importance of self-care and embracing her own essence. Marie-Helene holds a BA in Human Relations, 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate from Yoga Tree, Level 1 Prenatal Yoga Teaching Training Certificate taught by Jane Austin from Mama Tree and Birth Doula Training Certificate from DONA. Outside of her work life, Marie-Helene enjoys exploring the world through the outdoors, traveling, visiting family and friends, cooking, dancing, laughing and having fun with her two daughters and husband!
olympia nuttall
Olympia Nutall Olympia Nuttall has been a yoga and Pilates teacher since 2002. Originally from London she moved to the U.S. as a young adult. She lived in Sun Valley Idaho for nine years and moved to The Bay Area in 2013. Olympia enjoys helping her clients fine-tune their bodies, calm their minds and lighten their spirit through alignment-based flow and restorative yoga.She enjoys working with women during the transitional time of pregnancy and early parenting and has found prenatal and postnatal yoga to physically, mentally and spiritually support new parents through yoga and pilates.Olympia is certified by Yoga Garden SF’s 200 hour Teacher Training and their 85-hour Prenatal Teacher Training and Mama Tree Prenatal Level 1 with Jane Austin. She is a certified Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates instructor with The Kane School of Core Integration, NY, and is a DTI Birth and Postpartum Doula. For more about Olympia please visit her website innerflosf.

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