postnatal_3Mom & Baby Classes
Big OM, little om…

Enjoy your baby, reconnect with your body, and meet other new moms in our Mom & Baby yoga and pilates classes. You will learn proper core and pelvic floor engagement post-birth and will gather widsom for understanding your baby’s cues. Class is most successful with pre-crawling babies. Feeding, sleeping, and crying are all normal components of classes that include babies. Please arrive ten minutes early to your first class at Pomegranate.

Vinyasa Flow, Yoga for your Core, Nurturing Flow and Vibrant Flow with Childcare

Explore your new normal in a challenging class that is supportive and focuses on healing the pelvic floor and transverse and rectus abdominis muscles. Postnatal women should wait until 8 weeks after delivery to join these strong flow classes. Open to all women -not recommended for pregnancy. Please pre-register for childcare to ensure a spot for your child.

Pom Moms New Moms Group

A drop-in New Moms Group meeting Fridays from 12:30-1:45pm. Baby weight check, feeding support and a different topic each week facilitated by Lisa Flato. This is a space to get support, ideas, and wisdom along the challenging journey of motherhood. Buy a 5-pack for $50 to use within 3 months. Babies typically attend this group.

Pom Moms Circle for Older Babies with Amy Baxt

A Circle for moms with babies ages 5-15 months who wish to explore their child’s stages of development. Amy is passionate about offering support and education as parents find tools for tuning in to their child’s cues, temperament, and natural rhythms. Encourage harmony in your home as you deepen your understanding and respect for your child’s competence and self-learning capacities. This is not a drop-in group. The support of consistent community to create trust and learning is a priority for this group. This group is offered seasonally — call to find out about upcoming groups.

Ab Rehab with Alicia Willoughby

Semi-private physical therapy for postnatal women. $260 for 4 1-hour sessions. Weekday sessions include childcare. This workshop is appropriate for any mom, with kids of any age, but geared specifically toward women with diastasis (abdominal separation from pregnancy), pelvic floor dysfunction and/or a weak core.
Each week, Alicia provides a handout with detailed instructions of the assigned exercises. Educate yourself to prevent pain, incontinence, and long-term weakness!

Breastfeeding Support Group with Tanya Powell, IBCLC.

A support group meeting every Wednesday from 9-10:30am with IBCLC Certified Lactation Consultant Tanya Powell. Get support in a comfortable environment, troubleshoot concerns, and meet other breastfeeding moms. Pre-registration is not necessary but extremely helpful. $20/session –payable to Tanya directly. Some insurance plans may reimburse.

Sleep 101 for 0-12 months with Sarah Middelton

A comprehensive approach to sleep that takes into account each family’s unique set of sleep needs and is based on the Millette Method. Learn great techniques to help your little one (and you!) sleep. We will discuss baby sleep needs, and how best to help young ones learn good sleep habits. Some of the topics covered are the importance of a schedule; challenges to baby sleep habits (developmental milestones); new SIDS research and guidelines; pros and cons of various sleep methods (Ferber, CIO, low/no-cry methods); infant/child sleep products; family choices: family bed, crib, and room sharing.

Starting Solids with Katie Louderback

When and what we feed our babies can vary greatly depending on many factors. It also sets the stage for our family’s culture of eating. Nutritional Consultant Katie Louderback will provide a framework for making decisions around when to start solids and what types of foods to offer your baby. Topics of discussion will also include nutrient dense food options, approaches to feeding including baby-led weaning, common allergens, and how to continue with breast milk and/or formula. There will be space for specific questions and discussion of what worked/didn’t with previous babies.

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