Pregnancy and Parent Prep_3Weekly Prenatal Yoga Classes
Flow into motherhood

Stay fit while you gather the strength, support, and wisdom you’ll need for labor and mothering.
We offer 8+ classes per week at optimal times that include 2 Strong Flow classes, 2 evening options, and 4 classes with childcare.

Pomegranate’s prenatal yoga classes are appropriate for women in their first, second, and third trimesters and prior yoga experience is not necessary. All of our prenatal yoga instructors have been certified in prenatal yoga in addition to their 200 hr or 500 hr Yoga Teacher Trainings.  

Workshops for Expecting Parents
Ready, set, baby!


Birth Works

This 3-hour workshop covers:
• The physiology of birth
• Optimal fetal positioning
• Stages of labor
• Partner’s role and the importance of support system and overcoming fear in labor
• Discussion of formulating a birth plan/preferences
• Common procedures and interventions during labor
• What to bring to the hospital or birth center

Instructor: Mollee Franklin – Doula, Childbirth Instructor, Mom
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Prenatal Partners: Coping Techniques for Labor

This 3-hour workshop covers coping methods for labor including:
• Acupressure
• Yoga and optimal fetal positioning
• Breathwork
• Natural coping techniques for the 3 stages of labor
• Massage for pregnancy and birth
• Emotional response to pain
• Comfort measures that ease back labor and help labor progress
• Positions for labor and birth

Instructor: Elizabeth Shelhart – Doula, Yoga Instructor & Massage Therapist


The Early Weeks: Prepare for a Confident and Connected Postpartum Experience

This 8-hour workshop takes place over two days and covers:
• Infant awareness, communication and behavior
• Support team planning
• Intimacy and sexuality
• Diapering options
• Bathing, swaddling, and soothing techniques
• Babywearing basics
• Sleep rhythms
• Self-care & staying connected as a couple
• Breastfeeding/chestfeeding & pumping
• Bottlefeeding & formulas

This workshop offers a holistic approach to caring for your baby, your body, and your partnership after birth. 

Instructors: Jackie Davey and O’Nell Starkey 


Sleep 101 for 0-12 months

A comprehensive approach to sleep that takes into account each family’s unique set of sleep needs based on the Millette Method.
Learn great techniques to help your little one (and you!) sleep.

Topics covered:
• Baby sleep needs
• How best to help young ones learn good sleep habits
• The importance of a schedule
• Challenges to baby sleep habits (developmental milestones)
• New SIDS research and guidelines
• Pros and cons of various sleep methods (Ferber, CIO, low/no-cry methods)
• Infant/child sleep products
• Family choices: family bed, crib, and room sharing

Instructor: Sarah Middelton – Doula, Sleep Expert, Mom



Your Pregnant Mommy Body 

Learn the essential information every pregnant woman should know about how to take care of her physical body during pregnancy to feel the best,
prepare for birth and improve postpartum recovery outcomes.
This class will include both lecture and experiential components.

Some of the topics covered include:
• What exactly is the pelvic floor and why just doing or not doing Kegels isn’t the answer
• Pelvic floor awareness exercises to feel the relaxation needed for birth
• Pregnancy posture education to improve comfort level
• The role of the abdominals in pregnancy
• Safe daily exercises to stabilize the body and prepare for birth
• Normal postpartum recovery timeline
• What you can do in the first few weeks to improve birth recovery
• Guidelines to know when you are really ready to return to exercise postpartum

Instructor: Physical Therapist Alicia Willoughby


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